103 Medium Battery 1975
Laurie Skinner in Vietnam
3.7 inch Mark 3 Heavy Anti Aircraft Gun - Live Firing North Head Manly
No 53 of 1974 Gun Course - School of Artillery 1974
Anti Aircraft Radar No 3 Mark 7
25 Pounder New Guinea 1944






Full sized Personalised Pennants measuring 210 cm long by 82 cm at the base are now available to purchase.   The pennants come ready to hang on a flag pole and are made from a 200D bunting material which we are advised is the most widely used flag material throughout the world.

The Australian made Personalised Pennant can either be purchased as a replica of the original without amendment or they can be personalised by including script of your rank and full name below the Artillery badge with an image of either your favourite Battery's logo (1), or your rank as shown in the examples above.   Alternatively, you may wish to have script where the logos are shown in the examples above.

These are the ultimate man cave must have item to display your esprit-de-corps or as a great presentation gift.

When you order your Australian made Personalised Pennant we will create the final image from which we will have your Personalised Pennant made and forward it to you to sign off on prior to the purchase being made.

Once you're happy with what will be the end product you will then need to pay for your Personalised Pennant.  Upon receipt of your payment we will then proceed to order your Personalised Pennant and post it to you.   Postage for Personalised Pennants is included in the cost.

The cost of the Australian made Personalised Pennant along with the JPG and PNG image which can be used on your correspondence or Facebook page etc is $110.00 each.   The cost includes postage to anywhere in Australia.  For those overseas wishing to purchase a Personalised Pennant please complete your order below and we will advise you of the total cost.

Full details on how to pay are shown below.  To order your Personalised Pennant please complete the Online Purchase Form at the bottom of the page.   If you have any questions in relation to what can and cannot be achieved, please either email me or call 0411 141 580.

All profits made from the sale of the Personalised Pennants will be returned to the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery in one form or another.   This may be as a donation to the Regimental Fund, used to continue our Lapel Badge Project to outfit all Batteries with up to $500 worth of PR material (e.g. Pull Up Banners, Vinyl Banners, Flag Banners etc), and on any other project that benefits the Corps.

Image Library.  To view the current Image Library please Click Here.

Note (1): The desired image to be included in a Personalised Pennant will need to be provided by you and need to be of a reasonable quality and resolution.   As time goes by we will amass a library of images from which you can choose and a link to those items will shortly be provided on this webpage.   Please attach your image to an email and ensure that you mention your full name as shown on the Online Order Form below along with a contact number.

Payment Methods:

There are 2 methods available for purchasing your Personalised Pennant which are by by Direct Deposit or cheque.   Details for both methods of payment are shown below.

Electronic Funds Transfer / Direct Deposit:
Bank: ANZ  
Account Name: K.I. McGrath & T.G. Hampton  
Account Number: 455071649  
BSB: 012864  
IMPORTANT Those making an Electronic Funds Transfer or Direct Deposit are asked to ensure that they use their surname as a Deposit Reference
Send a cheque in an envelope addressed as follows:
Australian Artillery Association
C/- 112 Arranbee Road
Upon receipt of your payment we will confirm receipt of your deposit/cheque via email and then proceed with ordering your Personalised Pennant.
A Field Battery in Vietnam - Gunner Tiffy
Sergeants from the No. 1 Queensland Volunteer Artillery
Artillery In Action At Heilly France - Circa 1918
Members of 102 (Coral) Battery in Vietnam
Gunner Claude Rubin Winduss (Second from Left) in World War 1


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