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Do you want to be kept up to date with all things Artillery ?   If so why not add your name to our Email Information List.   In doing so you will be kept informed of all matters relating to Artillery as we become aware of them.   Matters such as:

a. The passing of a Gunner,
b. Corps, Regiment and Unit upcoming birthdays and activities,
c. Information made available through the Corps and Units,
d. Information on website updates.
e. Topics of Interest that are Artillery orientated. 

It is envisaged that no more than one email per month will be sent.   These email will not contain unwanted jokes, images (i.e. you've got to see this) links to non Artillery websites and so on.   Nor will they become exhaustive whereby you receive an endless flow of emails with little to no Artillery content.


The information that is passed on will only be that which we become aware of and receive a copy of and the Australian Artillery Association accept no liability for any information that may incorrect, this is an informative service only.

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