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Facebook - Happy Hour

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US Artillery M777 155mm

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8/12 Regiment Birthday Notice


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Welcome to the Australian Artillery Association's Email Information newsletter. This edition whilst a little light does have some interesting articles. Enjoy!

Should you wish to submit an article or recommend an article be published please forward the information to the Webmaster.

Gun Hunt

The Gun Search goes on.  We have had a reader forward in pictures of another gun within NSW that we believe is not recorded.  The gun a Bofors was located within the Merriwa War Memorial Park located on the corners of Marquet Street and Bettington Street (Golden Highway), State Route 84, Merriwa NSW.

To view the photos of the gun found by our reader visit our Photo Gallery, Gun Hunt, NSW


Around the Traps:

The 131 Locators Association - have advised their latest online newsletter is now available for viewing online or downloading.

The RAA Association of South Australia - September Newsletter

Royal New Zealand Artillery Association - September Newsletter


Facebook - Happy Hour

It's been decided we need to move forward with technology and have ourselves an Australia wide Artillery Facebook Happy Hour.

On Saturday 14th December 2013 between 4 pm and 7 pm no matter where you are in Australia, in a pub or at the RSL with friends, at a BBQ or simply at home having a quiet beer on your own. 

Then why not join us on Facebook with a couple of photos and some healthy banter, not that I again feel the need to state the obvious that 106 Field (Trials) Battery actually won the race up Mt Stuart with the guns (they really did!).

Anyway the above concept should prove to be fun, loads of fun actually and if successful will be run on a quarterly basis.  So let all your mates know the Happy Hour is on, and be ready to access the Arty Guys Facebook page on Saturday 14th December 2013 between 4 pm and 7 pm.

Cost - Oh there is always a cost! - The cost to participate in this activity is at least 1 photo uploaded to the Arty Guys Facebook group and plenty of texting banter.

View Online / Download flyer to pass on to your Gunner mates.

The above concept is the brainchild of Darren Hassan, Webmaster of the 108 Field Battery website - well done Dazz!

Australian Army Journal

The Australian Army Journal provides the primary forum for Army's professional discourse. The Journal, in addition to facilitating debate within the Australian Army, also raises the quality and intellectual rigor of that debate by adhering to a strict and demanding standard of quality.

This publication is well respected internationally, and gives Army's people an opportunity to reach out to their colleagues in the Army, the Australian Defence Force and military personnel the world over.

This edition is dedicated to the issue of "Culture" all 260 pages.

View online or download the "Australian Army Journal"

Did You Know?

Cessation of title – CARO Melbourne

Central Army Records Office (CARO), Melbourne ceased to exist by name on 5 August 2013 having been in existence for over 100 years.   The powers that be have redesignated the organisation as the Defence Archive Centre – Victoria Barracks Melbourne (DAC-VBM).

Many of us would have had our career managed out of CARO and some of us would have had the privilege of being posted there as was I (1979-1981).

DAC-VBM just doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it does it.


US Artillery a M777 155mm - What Went Wrong?

Below are photographs sent in by a reader of an incident that occurred some 11 years ago involving a US Artillery M777 155mm, apparently there was no loss of life.

Unfortunately no story accompanied the photos but I though you would all be interested to view the damage done.   It is the readers opinion that the second photo shows the cause being an in bore premature explosion.

Interesting !


Book - British Army on the Rampage (BAOR)

Sean Connolly is a fifty-one year old ex British soldier, ex Bombardier and a military author who has recently been inspired by the birth of his son to write British Army on the Rampage (B.A.O.R). a legacy for his son in later years. This is a series of three books and is already on sale on Amazon as an e-publication. The project has taken Sean two years to complete.

This trilogy is of my soldering experiences centred around a six month tour of Belize Central America in 1982. The books are Military Humour at their best and will be enjoyed by a wide audience of readers.

View the books on Amazon.


8/12 Regiment RAA - 40th Birthday Notice

8/12 Regiment Royal Australian Artillery will celebrate its 40th Birthday on 16 November 2013.

The day will commence with a ceremonial activity and will conclude with a Regimental Ball in the evening, to be conducted in Darwin City.

This is a notice seeking any past serving 8/12 Regiment members to contact the regiment if you are interested in attending.

Point of contact is:

David (Paddy) McGarry
Warrant Officer Class One
Regimental Sergeant Major
8 Regiment RAA
Phone: 08 8925 3832


Listed below are those Gunners that have passed away over the last month, that we have been made aware of.  On behalf of the Committee and Members of the Australian Artillery Association we extend our condolences to their families and friends:

DOYLE Kenneth Joseph James - passed away on Sunday 1st September 2013 - 102 Field Battery 1958 - 1964


STEAD Allan - passed away on Thursday 19th September at age 95,   Allan was 4th Field Regiment's first RSM in 1960

PRIEST Godfrey (Rusty) - passed away on Wednesday 25th September 2013, Rusty was the NSW RSL President from 1993 to 2002

GUNN Gordon Campbell (Jock) - passed away on Tuesday 24th September 2013

BEER Noel Raymond - passed away 4th October 2013

All have now been included on the Australian Artillery Association's Memorial Roll.



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