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2014 National Gunner Dinner

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2014 National Gunner Dinner update.  Possibility of the Dinner becoming a Dinner Dance.

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Hi and welcome to the new look Email Information.  Those registered to receive the Email Information updates will be forwarded an email with a link to the Email Information webpage when they are published.

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2014 National Gunner Dinner:

Registrations of Interest to attend the Australian Artillery Association's 2014 National Gunner Dinner continue to grow with the total now registered being 164.   We remain confident that we will achieve our minimum number of attendees that being 400.

A reminder, it is strongly recommended that personnel who have registered to attend the dinner should not commit to accommodation and travel costs until such time as a decision to proceed with the dinner has been determined which will be advertised on the Australian Artillery Association's website and confirmed to all registered participants by email, by the end of December 2013.

Given the large number of wives/partners attending we are now investigating the option of deleting the quintet/quartet to provide light background music throughout the dinner and including Sunshine Coast Concert Band thereby turning the dinner itself into a Dinner Dance.  This option will depend on us achieving our minimum of 400 attendees but will also be governed by the final numbers which will dictate the space available to deliver the band and dance floor.

More to follow on this one.


Around the Traps:

Over the past month other Associations have made available newsletters be they online or via email.

A Field Battery Association - May 2013 Newsletter

131 Locators Association - May 2013 Newsletter

Royal Australian Artillery Association Northern Territory / Darwin Military Museum - Occasional Newsletter June 2013

The RAA Liaison Letter (Autumn Edition 2013) / RAAHC Cannonball arrived in the mail today and as per usual a great read.  Hopefully (and I stress hopefully) these two documents will be made available online at some time in the near future.

Birthday - School of Artillery celebrates it's birthday on 13 June 2013.   The School of Artillery was first established in 1945.


8/12 Regiment RAA - 40th Birthday Notice

8/12 Regiment Royal Australian Artillery will celebrate its 40th Birthday on 16 November 2013.

The day will commence with a ceremonial activity and will conclude with a Regimental Ball in the evening, to be conducted in Darwin City.

This is a notice seeking any past serving 8/12 Regiment members to contact the regiment if you are interested in attending.

Point of contact is:

David (Paddy) McGarry
Warrant Officer Class One
Regimental Sergeant Major
8/12 Regiment RAA
Phone: 08 8925 3832


Never Before Seen World War 2 Photos:

Not long ago the Australian Artillery Association was contacted by a member of the public who advised that they had recently purchased a very old Karl Zeiss camera at a junk shop.   Upon returning home they opened the camera to discover that it still had an undeveloped "620" roll of film inside it.

Next, out of interest, they had the film developed and were surprised to find that it contained some 23 random photos taken during WWII a number of which contain Artillery pieces.   These images had been sitting in the camera, lost and forgotten for over 60 years.

To view photo enlargements visit the Australian Artillery Association Photo Gallery and be among the first to view the recently discovered photos.

Our thanks to Chris and David from Pennant Hills, NSW for forwarding digital copies of the photos to the Australian Artillery Association.

A digital copy of these photos will be forwarded to the Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company and the Australian War Memorial.


Reserve Forces Day 2013 Cocktail Party:

The Reserve Forces Day Committee will be holding a 2013 Cocktail Party to be conducted at the Queensland Maritime Museum, Southbank between 1830 hrs to 2130 hours on Friday 28 June 2013. For more information Read more...


Have You Photos & Videos of Your Time in Service?

Many of us have photographs of our time in the Army serving in Artillery.   Why not both preserve and share you photographs and videos.   The Australian Artillery Association maintains an online professional Photo Gallery and you are invited to deposit a copy of your photos or videos with 1080p quality in a Photo Album dedicated to your photographs.  

It could not be easier, simply upload your photographs direct from your computer to the dedicated Photo Album.  There is no limit to the number of photographs you upload with a massive limit of 50mb per individual photograph and 20 minutes per video with 1080p quality.

All photos are protected from "Right Click" then copy and can be Watermarked upon request for further protection.

For further information on this free service provided by the Australian Artillery Association please contact the


Listed below are those Gunners that have passed away over the last month, that we have been made aware of.  On behalf of the Committee and Members of the Australian Artillery Association we extend our sympathies to their families and friends:

Evard Dennis Meredith Cape
Frederick William Goss
Colonel Michael James Kingsford CSC
Wallace (Pat) Musgraves

All have now been included on the Australian Artillery Association's Memorial Roll.



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