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History of the 106th Field Battery and Battery Plaque

Band of the 1st Regiment, RAA

Lock N' Load - Artillery

A Pocket Guide to Vietnam

Around the Traps

2014 National Gunner Dinner


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Band of the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery.   Many would now know it existed yet they are out there performing throughout the south east Queensland area...

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Welcome to the Australian Artillery Association's Email Information newsletter.   Due to the Gunner Dinner taking up so much of my time of late with the preparation of the Seating Plan and the posting out of the VIP Passes I have omitted to do a newsletter of late, but here is the latest edition.

Should you wish to submit an article or recommend an article be published please forward the information to the Webmaster.

106 Field Battery

Following an enquiry made on Face Book today I had need to dig deep into the bowels of my computer and I not only found the History of the 106th Field Battery as written by Major Peter Sadler (now deceased) the Battery Commander of 106 Field (Trials) Battery in the mid 70's I also found the history of the 106 Field Battery plaque as written by the creators of the turtle image and the background to it, Mr John Godfrey and Mr Ted Krzywokulski and thought many of you would be interested in the read.

The History of the 106th Field Battery

The History of the 106th Field Battery Plaque



The Band of the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery will hold their next performance at the Marist College Ashgrove on Sunday 27th July 2014 commencing at 2:00pm till 4:00pm.

For those living in the South East Queensland region this is a great opportunity to get to see the band at it's best performing a concert along the lines of an English PROMS, wonderfully entertaining.

For more information on the concert view:

Band Performance Flyer

Marist College Ashgrove Media Release


Lock N' Load - Artillery

The below video is from the Military Channel titled 'Lock N' - Artillery' and is an overview of Artillery throughout history from an American point of view.  Well worth a view.


A Pocket Guide to Vietnam

For all you Vietnam veterans I am sure that the attached document 'A Pocket Guide to Vietnam' will bring back many memories.

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Around the Traps:

12 Field Regiment (Vietnam) Association -
Information Bulleting No 25

Locating Surveillance and Target Acquisition Association - Newsletter

131 Locators Association May 2014 - Newsletter

RAA Association South Australia June/July - Newsletter


With effect 13 July 2014 we have a total of 397 confirmed attendees with a few more to follow.

By now most of those attending should have received their VIP Pass/s in the mail, remember you need to bring them with you!   There was also a Dinner update contained in the envelope advising a wide range of information all relevant to the day so make sure you read it in detail. 

If you have not received your VIP Pass/s please contact me ASAP.


Listed below are those Gunners that have passed away since the last newsletter, that we have been made aware of.  On behalf of the Committee and Members of the Australian Artillery Association we extend our condolences to their families and friends:



McLEAN - Alexander Charles

NESS - Robert John

GEAR - Robert Ashley

GAULT - Peter Scott

KELL - Kenneth

BENSON - Henry Arthur Francis


KIRKHAM - Rex Scougall

FAHEY - Fred


All have now been included on the Australian Artillery Association's Memorial Roll.




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