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C of A Message on Unacceptable Behaviour

Around the Traps

Capabilities & Concepts
Australian Artillery after Afghanistan

Cost of Australian Soldiers
Combat Kit Soars

8 Regiment Birthday Notice

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Feature Article

Australian Artillery after Afghanistan.  This paper is well worth the time it takes to read.

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Welcome back to the second edition of online Email Information we hope you enjoyed the first edition.  The feedback on the new format has been both positive and encouraging.   Our subscriber numbers continue to increase which is good to see.

Should you wish to submit an article or recommend an article be published please forward the information to the Webmaster.


Chief of Army Message on Unacceptable Behaviour:

Most, if not all, of you would have recently seen the message from the Chief of Army LTGEN Morrison on the unacceptable behaviour within the Army of late.  For those that have not seen the message then here it is again:


Around the Traps:

131 Locators Association - July 2013 Newsletter

101 Battery RAA Association July Newsletter

The 12 Field Regiment (Vietnam) Association has published it's latest Information Bulletin No 14 dated 11 July 2013.

The Royal New Zealand Artillery has put out their latest Newsletter  "The New Zealand Gunner" issue 158 dated June 2013.  For those interested in keeping up to date with our fellow Gunners across the ditch - well worth the read.


Capabilities and Concepts -
Australian Artillery After Afghanistan

A fellow reader has sent in a link to an excellent paper on "Capabilities and Concepts - Australian Artillery after Afghanistan" by Captains: Mike Squire, James Groves and Chris O'Brien.

This document whilst extensive is well worth the read and is sure to promote discussion.

View Document


Cost of Australian Soldiers Combat Kit Soars to $27,700

That is the headline on a news article on   The article identifies the significant increase in cost to outfit our soldiers (including the Gunners I assume) from their service in Timor to Afghanistan.   The article provides a detailed description supported with photos of the equipment worn by soldiers serving today in Afghanistan.   Well worth a look.   Makes you want to re-enlist?


8 Regiment RAA - 40th Birthday Notice

8/12 Regiment Royal Australian Artillery will celebrate its 40th Birthday on 16 November 2013.

The day will commence with a ceremonial activity and will conclude with a Regimental Ball in the evening, to be conducted in Darwin City.

This is a notice seeking any past serving 8/12 Regiment members to contact the regiment if you are interested in attending.

Point of contact is:

David (Paddy) McGarry
Warrant Officer Class One
Regimental Sergeant Major
8 Regiment RAA
Phone: 08 8925 3832


Heads Up

On Friday 9th August 2013 the Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company will launch, in Canberra, a number of new incentives to both, give them wider appeal and to bridge the gap between serving and non serving Gunners.   Keep an eye out on their website for full details with particular reference to today's gunline!   Cannot say any more than that!!


Listed below are those Gunners that have passed away over the last month, that we have been made aware of.  On behalf of the Committee and Members of the Australian Artillery Association we extend our condolences to their families and friends:

Fred Lennon,

Ian Meibusch AM - Brigadier (Retd),

Doug Greenlees,

Kalev (Allen) Saar - 101 Battery Malaya 1959 - 1961

John McConnell BEM  - RAA 1954 1980
                                       Malaya 1959 and 1967-69 (107 Fd Bty)
                                       Vietnam 1965 (105 Fd Bty)
                                       1971-1977 (8/12 Mdm Regt)

Francis John (Frank) Stokes served with 6 Field Regiment RAA
                                   16th Battery from and other units
                                   1941-  1946

All have now been included on the Australian Artillery Association's Memorial Roll.



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