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Holsworthy Internment Camp

World War 2 Photographs

RAAHC 18 Pounder Project

Band of the 1st Regiment
Diamond Jubilee

Painted Portraits

2014 National Gunner
Dinner Update

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Life in the Australian Garrison Artilelry 1885 - 1906, images of the past forwarded in by a member of the general public.  Read more...

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Welcome to the Australian Artillery Association's Email Information newsletter.   Welcome also to 2014 we hope the year will be what it is you want it to be and sees you in good health throughout.

Should you wish to submit an article or recommend an article be published please forward the information to the Webmaster.


Holsworthy Internment Camp

For those that love looking back in history this webpage provides you with a look at the Holsworthy Internment Camp from back in the 1914 - 1918 period.  There are some great photographs of the area and the way it was put to use.  View webpage...


World War 2 Photographs

In February the Australian Artillery Association were forwarded some photos of Gunner Edward Richard Green who served during the period 1939 to 1948.  The photographs were forwarded by his Granddaughter who found them in a compendium owned by Edward.  The Granddaughter has given permission for the photographs to be displayed on our website.

Photographs include the men back then washing their beloved 25 pounders in the nude and a memo from Major General G.A. Vasey to the entire 7th Division wishing them well as he departs due to illness.

The photos are located on the Home Page of the Australian Artillery Association's website and a copy has been placed in a dedicated Photo Album within the WW2 Photo Gallery should you wish to view the images in a much larger size.

We have been informed that there are more photographs to follow over the next few weeks all of which will go into the Photo Album.


Band of the 1st Regiment RAA Diamond Jubilee

The Band of the 1st Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery (the Arty Band, as it has become affectionately known) will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee over the period 21-23 March 2014.

A number of activities are planned to celebrate and embrace the service and achievements of the Arty Band over the last 60 years. It is greatly anticipated that this unique opportunity in the history of the Arty Band will bring together many of those who served within its ranks, strengthening and renewing old friendships.



Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company
18 Pounder Project

The project is a daunting task and will involve the restoration of an 18 Pounder, its ammunition limber, the acquisition/restoration of harness and saddles, the recruitment of gun detachments, the acquisition of horses and the replication of period uniforms.

The gun and limber have been sourced from the RAAHC component of the artillery collection held by the Army at Bandiana since the closure of the Australian Army Artillery Museum at North Head. The Australian Army History Unit has transported the gun and associated spare parts to North Head where restoration is taking place. The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust has provided facilities to enable the restoration to proceed. Restoration will be carried out by Jim Frecklington a noted coach builder and restorer; Jim has built the Australian State Coach which was presented to Her Majesty on the occasion of the Australian Bicentennial in 1988. He is being assisted with expert advice on the gun and limber by members of the RAAHC and information being provided from the UK, Canada and New Zealand. Harnesses, saddles, uniforms and people are being sought by a Canberra based team of Dan Burns and Gerard Hogan. Both are artillery members of the Army Reserve.  This geographically separated team is led by Bill Foxall, a retired gunner who is based in Sydney.

Should you wish to donate to this worthwhile project or seek additional information please visit the RAAHC website.


Painted Portraits

For those so inclined to have a portrait painted of themselves below is an extract of an email I received from an organisation that provides such a service (Note, no kickbacks just a nice email I thought some of you may be interested in):

Dear Sir…

I have been encouraged to contact you as I have an art business and we have been receiving commissions to paint portraits of those who served.   Today, many families have old…often a little faded black and white…or sepia photos of their loved one…and we are able to restore them and Create beautiful oil on canvas paintings…in colour…much to their delight…

One sample attached (shown below) here of  this gentleman happened on ANZAC DAY. We were speaking with this family and the grandkids were there in support.   As we explained what we did…the grandkids said “Let’s get a painting of Grandad!” So the next week we went to his home and took a picture of him in his uniform. BUT instead of just the lounge and curtains…we painted the sunset and the Aussie flag in the sky. He cried with joy when they presented it. It’s this kind of happiness that has prompted me to contact you…

If you have a newsletter I’d be happy to send more details so you can “spread the word” so to speak.

For more information visit the 'We Paint Your Portrait website.


2014 National Gunner Dinner Update

The 2014 National Gunner Dinner continues to increase in Registered Participants with the total now being 349 with more to follow.

The Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company is planning to launch the 18 Pounder Project at the 2014 National Gunner Dinner and it is hoped that the actual 18 Pounder and its Limber will be on display in the foyer of the Event Centre for all to see, this is what we are working towards.

Additionally we will be seeking the assistance of the 1st Regiment to have on display a number of Artillery pieces at the entrance to the Event Centre.


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Listed below are those Gunners that have passed away over the last month, that we have been made aware of.  On behalf of the Committee and Members of the Australian Artillery Association we extend our condolences to their families and friends:

BROWN - Philip Howard

STANFORD - Alister Statham

KEITH - Wayne


All have now been included on the Australian Artillery Association's Memorial Roll.




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