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2014 National Gunner Dinner

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Hostile Locating Artillery System (HALO)

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8/12 Regiment Birthday Notice


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RAAHC reaches to a much wider audience with the introduction of new initiatives to be more inclusive of today's Gunners including breaching the gap between those serving and retired.   Read more...

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Welcome to the Australian Artillery Association's Email Information newsletter. This edition whilst a little light does have some interesting articles. Enjoy!

Should you wish to submit an article or recommend an article be published please forward the information to the Webmaster.


Australian Artillery Association
2014 National Gunner Dinner

The Australian Artillery Association's 2014 National Gunner Dinner has passed a number of milestones just recently.   We now have in excess of 200 registered attendees 4 of which are international registrations from expats and less than 1 year to go for this event.

Have you seen who is going to the dinner?  If not then view the list of Registered Participants to date.  See some old friends on that list who you have not seen for some time? Then why not join them at the dinner.

For full details on the Australian Artillery Association's - 2014 National Gunner Dinner (or should we say Global Gunner Dinner?), including online registration please visit our website.


Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company -
Today's Gunline

On the 9th August 2013 the RAAHC launched a number of new initiatives to enable them to better interact with today's serving Gunner as well as to bridge the gap between serving and non serving Gunners.   In addition to this they have developed a mobile website that ensures they keep all Gunners up to date with the latest news and events throughout the Gunner world.

These initiatives are long overdue and a significant step in the right direction for the RAAHC to become more inclusive of those that are not solely historical orientated.

The initiatives include a new section within their website called the Today's Gunline which include an online Forum, Calendar and Chat facility among many other inclusions the best of which I believe is the online availability of the current and all past editions of the RAA Liaison Letter.

For those with a smart phone you can access their new mobile website by simply searching for the Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company in your website search facility.  Again an excellent addition.  

I strongly recommend you visit and have good look around the RAAHC website Today's Gunline section, you won't be disappointed and bookmark it for future use.

If you have the time I am sure they would appreciate some feedback on their initiatives.


United Kingdom's - Hostile Locating Artillery System

One of our readers has this month sent in a copy of the United Kingdom's Defence Codex magazine which features an article on the Hostile Locating Artillery System (HALO).

Whilst an interesting read it will be of particular interest to those in Locating now know as Surveillance and Target Acquisition.

The HALO article commences on page 26 of the magazine and continues through to page 29.  View Magazine...


Around the Traps:

A Field Battery Association - August 2013 Newsletter

Royal Australian Artillery Association (Northern Territory) & Darwin Military Museum - August 2013 Newsletter

107 Field Battery Association - Newsletter "Ram Ramblings"


8/12 Regiment RAA - 40th Birthday Notice

8/12 Regiment Royal Australian Artillery will celebrate its 40th Birthday on 16 November 2013.

The day will commence with a ceremonial activity and will conclude with a Regimental Ball in the evening, to be conducted in Darwin City.

This is a notice seeking any past serving 8/12 Regiment members to contact the regiment if you are interested in attending.

Point of contact is:

David (Paddy) McGarry
Warrant Officer Class One
Regimental Sergeant Major
8 Regiment RAA
Phone: 08 8925 3832


Listed below are those Gunners that have passed away over the last month, that we have been made aware of.  On behalf of the Committee and Members of the Australian Artillery Association we extend our condolences to their families and friends:

Tony Thwaites

Les Bates

Phil Robertson

Mick O'Sullivan - (AACC SGT Cook for 106 Fd Bty in Vietnam)

All have now been included on the Australian Artillery Association's Memorial Roll.



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