103 Medium Battery 1975
Laurie Skinner in Vietnam
3.7 inch Mark 3 Heavy Anti Aircraft Gun - Live Firing North Head Manly
No 53 of 1974 Gun Course - School of Artillery 1974
Anti Aircraft Radar No 3 Mark 7
25 Pounder New Guinea 1944


Customs and Traditions of the Australian Army
By: Christopher Jobson, (Royal Australian Artillery)

Release Date

August 2009

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Authored by:

one of our own

Christopher Jobson
Royal Australian Artillery


Looking Forward Looking Back
Customs and Traditions of the Australian Army
By: Christopher Jobson

View Book Review by Launceston Examiner of 25 July 2009

“Every Army marches to the tune of its customs and traditions. The customs and traditions of the Australian Army reflect the often glorious legacies that define the Army of today. They are visible acknowledgements of the history that has shaped the character, the values and the pride of Australia’s modern Army and those who serve in its ranks.”

Lieutenant General D.J. Hurley, AO, DSC, Vice Chief of the Defence Force

Looking Forward, Looking Back – Customs and Traditions of the Australian Army explores the Australian Army’s rich and proud history. Our Army’s customs and traditions are far from static; they are dynamic as they evolve and adapt just like the Army itself. More than anything, they instill a strong sense of belonging in our Diggers. The teamwork, pride, discipline and respect of the past continue to inspire our present modern day Army.

The Australian Army boasts a broad variety of traditions, some of which belong to the Service as a whole, others to a particular corps, regiment or rank. These customs and traditions vary: some are solemn, others are humorous and still others incorporate the rules of social etiquette, manners and style.

Many of the Australian Army’s customs and traditions are derived from the battle tactics and fighting attire of old. Some of the drill movements seen on today’s parade ground, for example, were originally practiced by soldiers in battle. Various parts of the Aussie soldier’s uniform had practical uses in combat and some customs retain their original use as they did hundreds of years ago.

While the ever-changing modern military environment means that soldiers continue to look forward, looking back to the Australian Army’s customs and traditions serves as a constant and reassuring reminder of past victories and how far we have traveled so far.

Looking Forward, Looking Back, will ensure that some of the military heritage that created the foundations of the fighting force of today is not lost over time.

A Field Battery in Vietnam - Gunner Tiffy
Sergeants from the No. 1 Queensland Volunteer Artillery
Artillery In Action At Heilly France - Circa 1918
Members of 102 (Coral) Battery in Vietnam
Gunner Claude Rubin Winduss (Second from Left) in World War 1


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