103 Medium Battery 1975
Laurie Skinner in Vietnam
3.7 inch Mark 3 Heavy Anti Aircraft Gun - Live Firing North Head Manly
No 53 of 1974 Gun Course - School of Artillery 1974
Anti Aircraft Radar No 3 Mark 7
25 Pounder New Guinea 1944



On the Banner at the top of the page it reads " Our People - Our Guns - Our Heritage ".   This website was set up to satisfy a need for " Our People " and has now been in existence for almost 7 years with an ever increasing membership which currently stands well in excess of 500 members.  Now we are moving onto " Our Guns " and combined they create " Our Heritage ".  

Throughout Australia there is a large quantity of diverse Artillery guns and Locating equipment on display at our local parks, clubs, government building to mention but a few of the locations.


We need your help!   To locate, identify, photograph and record these guns.   The information obtained will be recorded on our website, in our photo gallery and also passed onto the Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company (RAAHC) for their information and retention.


Therefore if you are out and about in your local community, passing through another community intra state or interstate whilst visiting family or friends or simply travelling around on holidays we ask that you take the time to stop whenever passing an Artillery piece and take some photographs and record the information provided alongside the gun (if any).   Often detailed information is available upon request from the owner/caretaker, therefore if you have the time to ask your local RSL Club or Council if they have any historical information on the Artillery piece you have located, that information would prove invaluable in the recording of the Artillery piece.

How can  you help!   Provide as much of the following as you can:
a. Photograph the Artillery piece from front, back and both sides.
b. Photograph the breech block.
c. Photograph any identifying marks on the gun.
d. Photograph any additional information provided next to the gun if it exists.
e. If you have GPS on your phone then the GPS coordinates of the gun.
f. Location of the gun i.e. name of park or on display outside front entrance of "name of organisation" along with a street, suburb and post code.
g. Any additional information you are able to obtain regarding the Artillery piece.
h. Important: Your opinion as to the overall condition of the Artillery piece.

With your help we hope to identify most if not all of the Artillery pieces throughout Australia and record their existence on our website for everyone's enjoyment.


We have already started adding to the Australia Wide - Gun Hunt Photo Album.   So come on and join in and help out.   Your efforts will be appreciated by all.

Finally, use this link to forward an email to your friends to let them know how they too can help in our GUN HUNT.
If you have any question regarding the above then please email the President of the Australian Artillery Association


A Field Battery in Vietnam - Gunner Tiffy
Sergeants from the No. 1 Queensland Volunteer Artillery
Artillery In Action At Heilly France - Circa 1918
Members of 102 (Coral) Battery in Vietnam
Gunner Claude Rubin Winduss (Second from Left) in World War 1


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