103 Medium Battery 1975
Laurie Skinner in Vietnam
3.7 inch Mark 3 Heavy Anti Aircraft Gun - Live Firing North Head Manly
No 53 of 1974 Gun Course - School of Artillery 1974
Anti Aircraft Radar No 3 Mark 7
25 Pounder New Guinea 1944

(Names listed in alphabetical order)

Total Registered: 327 as at 21 May 2017  
Surname Preferred Name Association (if any) Attending Happy Hour Deposit

In Full

Invited Guests      
Power AO, CSC Ash (Lieutenant General - Retd) Patron Australian Artillery Association Yes - -
Power Narelle   Yes - -
Furini, CSC Craig (Brigadier) Head of Regiment Yes - -
Bamford Aaron (Bombardier) Junior Non Commissioned Officer of 2016 Yes - -
Bamford Coral-Lee   Yes - -
Aitchinson Jacob (L/Bombardier) Gunner of 2016 Yes - -
Billett Alysha   Yes - -

Group Booking - 1st Regiment

Smith Matthew Commanding Officer 1st Regiment Yes - -
Larkins Catherine   Yes - -
Thompson, CSM Simon Regimental Sergeant Major 1st Regiment Yes - -
Hodda Matthew Major 1st Regiment No    
Colclough Sam Major 1st Regiment No    
Elkhaligi Khalid Major 1st Regiment No    
Jones David Major 1st Regiment No    
O'Donnell Robert Major 1st Regiment No    
Boswell Paul Master Gunner 1st Regiment No    
Group Booking - 4th Regiment        
Payne Alwyn Commanding Officer 4th Regiment No - -
Schuman Stephen Regimental Sergeant Major 4th Regiment Yes - -
Furlong Stacy 4th Regiment Yes    
Coghlan James 4th Regiment Yes
Group Booking - 8th/12th Regiment        
Boyd Jarrod Battery Commander 103 Battery - Representing the Commanding Officer Yes - -
Jolley Shaun Battery Sergeant Major 103 Battery - Representing the Regimental Sergeant Major Yes - -
Papworth Jack   Yes
Hood-King Anita   Yes    
Group Booking - 16th Air Land Regiment        
Shillabeer Corey Commanding Officer
16th Air Land Regiment
Yes - -
Jarvis Jason Regimental Sergeant Major
16th Air Land Regiment
Yes - -
Nangle Daniel   Yes
Martin Rosanne   Yes
Group Booking - School of Artillery      
Lindsay Damien Regimental Sergeant Major
School of Artillery
Yes - -
Group Booking - 7 Field Regiment        
Gwilym Jack AAA Yes
Gwilym Shirley   Yes
Group Booking - 12 Field Regiment (Vietnam) Association      
Ahern Neil 12 Fd Regt (Viet) Association Yes
Ahearn Ian AAA, 12 Fd Regt (Viet) Association Yes
Ahearn Elizabeth   Yes
Bland Ross 12 Fd Regt (Viet) Association No
Bryant Trevor AAA, 12 Fd Regt (Viet) Association No
Costello Robert AAA, 12 Fd Regt (Viet) Association No
Dalton John 12  Fd Regt (Viet) Assonciation Yes
Darcy Larry AAA, 12 Field Regt (Vietnam) Assn No
Floyd Graham AAA, 12 Field Regt (Vietnam) Assn No
Floyd Judi   No
Geelen Peter AAA, 12 Fd Regt (Vietnam) Assn Yes
Jamieson Mark AAA, 12 Fd Regt (Vietnam) Assn Yes
Group Booking - 101 Battery Malaya Association      
Troedel David AAA, 101 Bty Malaya Assn Yes
Troedel Patricia   Yes
Beckers Rene AAA, 101 Battery Malaya Association Yes    
Beckers Pam   Yes    
Farrow Sydney RAAHC Yes
King James AAA, 101 & 105 Bty Assn, RAAA (QLD) No
Kohlmann Frank AAA, 101 Bty Malaya Assn & 105 Fd Bty Assn Yes    
Kohlmann Judith   Yes    
Mulholland John AAA, RAA Assn Queensland Yes  
Mulholland Salvina   Yes    
Murphy Kenneth AAA, 101 Battery Malaya Association Yes
Murphy Jeanette   Yes
Group Booking - 102 Medium Battery      
Pearce Brad   Yes
Pearce Christine   Yes
Hager Mark   Yes
Group Booking - 103 Battery      
Cooper Wade AAA Yes
Group Booking - 105 Battery      
Burke, OAM Arthur RAA Association QLD, NQ & NSW Yes
Galbraith Neville 105 Battery Association Yes
Box Jim 105 Battery Association, RAAHC No
Box Jan   No
Group Booking - 131 Divisional Locating Battery      
Browning, OAM Kevin AAA, RAAHC Yes
Churches Craig   Yes
Erbs Terence LSTAA Yes
Green Allen AAA, 18 LAA Regiment Association Yes    
Green Nola   Yes    
Horne Michael 131 Div Loc Bty Yes
Horne Marilyn   Yes
Jackson Peter   Yes
Jackson Raymond AAA Yes
Jackson Cathrine   No
Jiear Jenni Locating Surveillance & Target Acquisition Assn Yes
Jiear Gary   Yes  
Maker Kevin AAA Yes    
Roe Keith   Yes    
Mann Richard   Yes
McGrath Tracy AAA Yes
Patten Leslie AAA Yes
Patten Robyn   Yes
Scott Malcolm AAA Yes
Westcott Peter   Yes
Kampouris Jenny   No

O'Shaughnessy Bernadine   No
Stainsby Edward Locating Artillery Association Yes
Group Booking - A Field Battery Association      
Bassan Tex AAA, A Field Battery Association Yes
Barnes John A Field Battery Association Yes
Barnes Sue   Yes
Cunningham Robert A Fd Bty Assn Yes
Fanning Len A Fd Bty Assn & 105 Fd Bty Assn Yes
Fanning Elva   Yes
Forsyth Paul A Field Battery Association No
Forsyth Lindel    
Graham Trevor AAA, A Field Battery Association No
Graham Ema    
Kittelty Greg A Field Battery Association Yes
Kittelty Margaret   Yes
Leven Ian A Field Battery Association Yes
Leven Wendy   Yes
Rudduck Fred A Field Battery Association Yes
Scroggy Garry AAA, A Field Battery Association Yes
Scroggy Tanya   Yes
Sinclair Don AAA, A Field Battery Association Yes
Group Booking - Alderton        
Alderton Dave AAA Yes
Alderton Jenni   Yes
Alderton Craig AAA, 4 Field Regiment Association Yes
Alderton Deborah   Yes
Foley Al   Yes
Group Booking - Belham      
Belham Andrew AAA Yes
Belham Helen   Yes  
Briggs Keith AAA, RAA Assn NQ Yes  
Briggs Mary-Lou   Yes  
Brown Rodney AAA Yes
Camilleri Paul AAA, 101 Fd Bty Assn Yes    
Cooper Allen   Yes
Cooper Debbie   Yes
Dowling Mick   Yes
Duffy Gordon   Yes    
Duffy Joanne    Yes    
Glass Robert   Yes  
Glass Lesley   Yes  
Hassan Darren AAA, 108 Fd Bty Assn Yes    
Henwood Paul AAA Yes
Mills Paul   Yes  
Mills Lisa   Yes  
Molyneaux Mark AAA Yes  
Molyneaux Debra   Yes  
Spark Richard   Yes
Spark Donna    
Toms Stephen AAA, 108 Fd Bty Assn Yes
Weekes Richard AAA Yes
Weekes Michelle   Yes
Walsh Stephen AAA No
Walsh Anna   No
Group Booking - Bessey        
Bessey Eddie AAA Yes
Bakker Tim AAA Yes
Cane Bruce   Yes
Wilson John AAA Yes
Grimes Mick AAA, 12 Fd Regt (Vietnam) Association Yes
Jones Beverley (Mrs Grimes) Yes
Group Booking - Spain      
Spain Dave AAA, AADAA No
Group Booking - Birdless      
Clemence Paul   Yes
James Marita   Yes
Deeble Darren AAA Yes
Deeble Larissa   Yes
Hennessy Jack AAA, 104 Bty Assn Yes  
McCann Barry AAA Yes
Walters Graham   Yes
Group Booking - Butler        
Butler Alan AAA Yes
Hall Scott   Yes
Parker Chris AAA Yes
Parker Marta   Yes
Sinn Lee AAA Yes
Sinn Michelle   Yes  
Archer Geoffrey   Yes
Beahan Greg Photographer Yes
Butler Ken   Yes
Butler Shelagh   No
Group Booking - Clothier      
Clothier John AAA, LSTA Assn No    
Clothier Susan   No    
Cleasby Alan AAA Yes
Enright Jeanette AAA Yes
Crocker Wayne   Yes
Crocker Julie   Yes
Johnson Linda   Yes
Salter Kevin AAA Yes
Salter Marje   Yes
Smith Ashley   Yes    
Smith Lieliana   Yes    
Thom-Tydell Greg   No
Thompson James   No
Group Booking - Constantin      
Holstein Paul AAA Yes    
Holstein Kelly   Yes    
Maurer Brian AAA, 4 Field Regiment Old Boys Yes

Cooper Shane   Yes
Cooper Louise   Yes
Group Booking - Dean        
Carr Brendan   Yes
Dean Alan AAA Yes
McLean Warren   Yes
Group Booking - Fagan        
Fagan Tony AAA Yes  
Fagan Yvette   Yes    
Hageman Peter AAA Yes
Marin Paul AAA Yes
Morse Steve AAA Yes
Morse Heather   Yes
Roberts Steve   Yes
Williams Lewis AAA Yes
Goltz Stephen   Yes
Goltz Denise   Yes
Gunderson Glynn   Yes
Group Booking - Grant        
Grant Ray AAA Yes
Grant Janece   Yes  
Anderson Brian AAA Yes
Anderson Maureen   Yes
Butler Mark AAA Yes
Butler Kim   Yes
Compton Barry AAA, 108 Field Battery Association Yes
Compton Melissa   Yes
Dempsey Jack   Yes
McDowall Dennis AAA Yes

Salkowski Ronald AAA Yes
Salkowski Mari   Yes
Winters Peter AAA Yes
Winters Yvonne   Yes
Group Booking - Gore      
Gore Peter AAA, RAAAQ, Fort Lytton Historical Assn Yes
Gore Anne   Yes
Grogan Phillip AAA, RAAAQ Yes
Lynas Harry RAAAQ, LSTA, Fort Lytton Historical Assn Yes
McKay James AAA Yes
McKay Anni   No
Mullins Vern RAA Association QLD Yes
Mullins Margaret   Yes    
Wall Andrew AAA Yes
Wall Dale   Yes
Foxall Nick Colonel No
Hampton Graham AAA Yes
Hampton Hana AAA Yes
Hampton Hana Elizabeth   No
Haywood Terry   No
Haywood Suzie   No
Jones Neil Military Police Association No
Group Booking - Hawula      
Hawula Peter AAA, 107 Field Battery Association Yes
Bello Luis   Yes
Cresta Frank   Yes
Kyrwood Barry AAA Yes
Kyrwood Vivienne   Yes
Robertson Russell 101 & 107 Field Battery Associations Yes  
Morrison John   Yes  
Group Booking - Hill        
Hill Russell AAA, RAA Association VIC No
Hill Carolyn   No
Harding John AAA, 10 Medium Regiment Association Yes
Woods Rob AAA, A Field Battery Association No
Maczkowiack Kym AAA, A Field Battery Association Yes
Maczkowiack Pauline   No
Stewart Bryan AAA, A Field Battery Association Yes
Stewart Michellina   Yes
Wilkinson John AAA Yes
Wilkinson Wendy   Yes
Group Booking - Kelly      
Kelly OAM Darryl   Yes
Kelly Deborah   Yes
McGarry Paddy AAA, 7 Field Regiment RAA Yes

McGarry Lyn   Yes

Group Booking - Marshall      
Marshall Brian AAA Yes  
Marshall Tracey   Yes  
Clarke Richard AAA Yes
Pound Robert   Yes
Pound Sharon   Yes
Rouse Rodney AAA, 108 Field Battery Association Yes
Rouse Vivienne   Yes
Dorsett Phil AAA Yes

Dorsett Jeanette   Yes

Kilgour Ian   Yes
Kilgour Judy   Yes
Plumb Steven AAA Yes
Plumb Deborah   Yes
Renwick Allan AAA Yes
Matthysen Phil   Yes
Matthysen Ann   Yes
McCarthy Brian   Yes
Shanahan Robert AAA Yes
Laird John   Yes
Lloyd Alfred 105 Field Battery Association Yes

McGrath Kim AAA Yes

Mills Lyall AAA, 12 Fd Regt (Viet) Assn Yes
Pomroy Phil Artist Yes Guest
Group Booking - Pollock        
Pollock John 101 & 105 Field Battery Association Yes
Pollock Catherine   Yes
Hampson, OAM Ric AAA Yes
Hampson Toshiko   Yes
Jobson Christopher AAA Yes
Madeley Trevor 101 Field Battery Association Yes
Madeley Gae   Yes
Pollitt John AAA, A Field Battery Association Yes
Pollitt Carolyn   Yes
Prewett Peter   Yes
  Petronella   Yes
Stafford Brian Regimental Funds Yes
Ross Gavin AAA Yes
Group Booking - Ryan        
Ryan Geoffrey   Yes
Ryan Rhonda   Yes
McLeod Graham AAA, 4 Fd Regt Old Boys  
Group Booking - Shearman        
Shearman Robert   No
Shearman Fran   No
Van Veen Ron   No
Van Veen Carol   No
Group Booking - Shepherdson        
Shepherdson Shane   Yes
Shepherdson Janine   Yes
Wood Brett   No
Wood Kevin   No
Wood Annette   No
Group Booking - Spring        
Spring Mick AAA Yes
Spring Donna   Yes
Baker Howard AAA, Locating Artillery Association Yes
Baker Trish   Yes
Jones Mick AAA Yes
Jones June   Yes
McIntosh Phillip   Yes  
McIntosh June   Yes  
Mellor Glen AAA Yes
Mellor Kay    
Smith Mark   Yes
Smith Helen   Yes
Group Booking - Sugden        
Sugden Alan AAA Yes
Sugden Belinda   Yes
Hemsley Brett AAA Yes
Hemsley Kylie   Yes
Johnston Paul   Yes
Johnston Catherine   Yes
Nutini David RSM 20 STA - GUEST Yes - -
Nutini Rebecca GUEST Yes - -
Sherwood Trevor 101 Fd Bty Malaya Yes
Carer of Sherwood Brian   Yes
Simmons Gordon   Yes
Simmons Helen   Yes
Swanson Abraham   Yes
Swanson Jacky   Yes
Simmons William AAA Yes
Simmons Yveette   Yes
Group Booking - Thompson      
Thompson Wayne AAA, LSTAA Yes  
Thompson Zita AAA, LSTAA Yes
Binns Peter AAA, 131 Locators Association Yes
Binns Rhonda   Yes
Bushel Jim AAA Yes
Smith Bobby AAA Yes
Venter Jan UK Ex Look Look Exchange - 19 Regt RA Yes
West Ron   Yes
A Field Battery in Vietnam - Gunner Tiffy
Sergeants from the No. 1 Queensland Volunteer Artillery
Artillery In Action At Heilly France - Circa 1918
Members of 102 (Coral) Battery in Vietnam
Gunner Claude Rubin Winduss (Second from Left) in World War 1


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